The Necessary Skills Of A Dealer

A dealer is the most recognizable employee of a face-to-face casino, even if he is not the only one. This is the person in charge of managing the users’ bets and, in those cases in which the bank also plays, as in blackjack, the dealer plays on his behalf. He is also responsible for throwing the roulette ball or shuffling the cards and dealing them in many other games.

In order for the dealer’s mind to be always alert and fresh, their work periods usually include frequent mandatory breaks, and also usually rotate from table to table.

But they are not only sitting at the table distributing the game, but there are also croupiers who are responsible for supervising the work of others at various tables, and croupiers dedicated exclusively to explaining the rules of the games to sg online casino users.

Since the activities to which they should direct their attention are many, it is required that people who want to focus their professional life to the work of dealer or dealer gather a series of essential skills that will make them very valuable:

Agile mind

As we have already told you, a dealer must have an agile mind to detect bets and winning hands and announce the winner.

Manual dexterity

You must have manual dexterity (which can be trained) to convey reliability and professionalism when handling mallets, dice, roulettes, etc. In addition, a skilled dealer can bring a lot of theatricalities and some spectacle to the simple act of shuffling and distributing, and they are details that contribute a lot to the player’s experience.

Good with the numbers

You must have the ability to perform mathematical operations quickly, as they are responsible for distributing the winnings and accepting bets.

Good presence

A good presence and gift of people are essential. In the end, the dealer is the visible “face” of the casino, and the first line when it comes to answering any questions or complaints from a player.

In addition, it is he who explains the rules and the transmitter of bad news, since he will frequently withdraw bets from players who have lost significant sums. Therefore, having tact and exquisite treatment will be an indispensable condition.

With languages

In large tourist area casinos, knowing languages ​​will be almost essential for a good dealer, especially in games or tournaments that attract players from all over the world.

Calm and serene

Sometimes, a dealer will face a big bet in which the house and some player will be close to winning or losing astronomical amounts. In these situations, a dealer must maintain a calm and serene attitude, without infecting the participants with nervousness. This also applies to rude players.


Casinos tend to have much more nighttime activity than daytime, so it is imperative that the schedule is not an obstacle and that the dealer’s mind is kept cool even in the early morning.

Good Observer

Finally, you have to know how to observe. While the game is taking place, it is the closest staff member to the players, so if there is any doubt about the honorability of any of them, they should give the alarm – with discretion, as everything is done in the casinos.