The Most Popular Cocktails That Can Be Taken In A Casino

The pleasure of tasting a glass superbly prepared by a professional barman in a casino bar is part of the experience of going to play and live the emotions that entail. The vast majority of the big casino has a cocktail bar among their services and takes great care of both the image and the quality.

Let’s go anyway with a handful of more or less complex combinations and whose image or history reminds us of the brightness and fun of a 711 Kelab casino. We give you the recipes so that you can, from home, complete the experience of being in an online casino as if you were in a classroom. Remember that cocktails are art and keeping proportions is important, as well as using the right glass or cup

The “Casino” Cocktail

This cocktail, whose name forced us to put it first on the list, has its origin in a compilation of cocktail recipes called “Savoy Cocktail Book” that Harry Craddock (the barman of the Savoy bar) collected in 1930. It is a strong cocktail, based on gin, which mixes sweet flavours and citric acids. It is prepared in a cocktail shaker and with ice, although after filtering it does not pass into the cocktail glass.

The composition is as follows:

  • Four parts of gin.
  • One part maraschino (a Balkan liquor in its origin, which is made with honey and bitter cherries).
  • One part bitter orange (or Angostura orange, to give it a very aromatic touch).
  • 1 part lemon juice

The James Bond Vesper

If there is a fictional character linked to the casino’s par excellence, that is the British secret agent James Bond. Its creator, Ian Fleming, was precisely one of them and lived more than one anecdote between exiles and spies from opposing sides in the Estoril Casino.

Among the many phrases that the popular character has left us for posterity, in addition to his peculiar Bond, James Bond; is the one he used to order his favourite cocktail. He pronounced it for the first time in the novel Casino Royale (published in 1953).

It is a cocktail with power, which originated one of the best-known dialogues in the saga between Bond and another character (Leiter) and one of the most famous cocktails of all time: “agitated, not mixed”. We leave you Bond’s recipe since he was the creator of it (although it is based on the creation of a personal friend of Fleming).

  • Three parts of gin (preferably Gordon’s).
  • 1 part grain vodka
  • 1/2 part of Lillet, a tonic made with quinine, wine and fruit liqueurs. If you can’t find it, you can use vermouth or Martini.
  • Stir in the shaker with ice and filter to serve in a cocktail glass or champagne.

Las Vegas Cocktail

With this name, we could not stop including this tasty cocktail on our list. Las Vegas cocktail undoubtedly mixes sweetness and power in equal parts, cushioned by the texture and softness of the cream or cream. The ice on this occasion is chopped and served in a tall glass.

  • A part and a half of golden tequila.
  • Two parts of coconut cream.
  • Two parts of orange juice.
  • Two parts of pineapple juice.
  • A part of milk cream.