Moving To Munich – The Best Tips

Where the bread rolls are called Semmeln, where you take the tram and not the tram, where you can, of course, wear dirndls instead of cocktail dresses for special occasions – that’s where you can live. But Munich is much more than its clichés. Or do you know another place in the world where you can go surfing in the middle of the city?

There are the beautiful old buildings in the city centre, the many green areas, the cosy beer gardens, the extensive cultural offer with museums and theatres, international flair mixes with tradition. You can tell that the city is doing well, that it is embedded in a fluctuating economy. Large businesses are located in and around Munich. Many people are drawn to the Bavarian metropolis for professional reasons alone.

And: Not only has the city itself had a lot to offer. Its location is also special due to its proximity to the mountains, magical lakes and forests. Anyone who not only appreciates city life but also enjoys hiking, swimming or skiing, is in the right place very quickly from Munich. And on a summer vacation to Italy? In a few hours, you can reach the Adriatic coast by car.

Does that all sound too good to be true? Of course, there is also a catch. Munich is not only a particularly beautiful city, but it is also a particularly expensive city. To be precise, Munich is the most expensive city in Germany. In order to pay your rent in Munich, you will have to dig deep into your pocket every month.

Finding An Apartment In Munich

Munich is an expensive place. The average rental price per square meter is now around € 15. The rental prices in the individual districts are quite different. Finding an apartment for less than € 10 per square meter is extremely difficult. And the competition for the reasonably affordable apartments is fierce.

When looking for a flat, you should, therefore, take as much time as possible and start keeping your eyes and ears open as early as possible. With such a difficult housing market, it is also advisable not only to use the usual channels and to search through the large real estate portals. It can be worthwhile to take more unusual paths. Anyone who already has acquaintances or relatives in Munich should ask them to ask whether someone in their circle of acquaintances is about to move.

With a little luck, you can be the first to learn about a vacant apartment. Anyone who uses the usual social media channels to spread the word that they are looking for a flat in Munich has the chance to spread their search very broadly.

On Facebook, there are also groups that were specially created for apartment hunters and apartment providers in Munich.

Social media networks can also be helpful when settling into your new home. There is the Facebook group New in Munich, through which you can make contacts and arrange meetings with other newcomers.

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6 Mistakes That Only Newcomers Make In Munich

New in Munich? Then you must have been in the 089 bar by mistake, been grammatically improved by your friends and scared of the naked in the English Garden. No problem, that’s part of it. So that the next time you are not exposed again as a newcomer, we have listed six errors that happen to every new Munich resident.

  1. Call the Stachus “Karlsplatz”

The absolute indication that you can recognize a new Munich citizen: When he says “Let meet at Karlsplatz!”. Yes, the MVG voice always says both and yes, Karlsplatz sounds better of course – but it is and remains Stachus. And you don’t go there by tram, but by tram.

  1. Confuse Berg am Laim and Laim

Admittedly, it’s pretty mean: Laim and Berg am Laim have almost the same name, are both on the main route and are two S-Bahn stations. The thing is: the siblings are directly opposite, at different city ends. Even worse: if you find that you ended up in the wrong place.

  1. Order Weisswurst after 12 noon

We Munich people may be a little too sensitive to some things, but whitish is part of our culture. And you only eat them until 12 noon. Why is that? Because it was schoimma. Those who order after 12 noon are usually the ones who drink a juice spritzer and eat the sausages with their skin. Cheers, meal!

  1. Scare The Naked In The English Garden

The nudists in the English Garden and on certain banks of the Isar belong to the city, like Mama Afrika to Gärtnerplatz and Didi to his vegetable stand at the university. As a newcomer, of course, you don’t know that yet and get frightened every time the old men bare on the meadow near the Eisbach. You get used to it – just like Mama Africa.

  1. Go to the 089 bar

Some clubs like the Pacha or P1 can be classified even before moving to Munich. Then there are grey area candidates, of which one thinks: It is definitely nice because it is cheap, central and those from my university also go there. The 089 bar is one such case – the club among Munich residents is actually only known for towing it. And the music is not good either, really not.

  1. Do Not Understand The Mvg Zone System

He must have been a little genius – this person who came up with the ticket system of the Munich transport company. Now everyone knows: the trip to the airport costs over 10 euros, a single trip 2.80 euros. These are the most important basics, dear New Munichers. Native Munich residents don’t understand any more. No idea when you need how many zones.

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